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RBT Practice Exam

Are you preparing for the RBT exam? If so, then this is an extremely useful course that will not only test your knowledge, but also models overall structure of the RBT exam. The more you take this RBT practice exam, the more you will get out of it! 

Over 200 Questions

The exam is structured to randomly pull 50 questions from our pool of 200.  Each time you take the exam you will be given a new set of questions to test your knowledge.

Instant Feedback

After answering each question, you are provided with immediate feedback.  For incorrect answers, information leading to the correct answer will be given. At the end of the quiz you have the option to review each answer.


This exam includes all concepts that you will be tested on the exam. New questions are added on a monthly basis to increase the variety of questions. You also have the option to print your results if you want to save your answers for studying later! 

Unlimited Tries

You can retry this quiz as many times as you need. Since this practice exam pulls different questions each time you take it, the more your take the practice exam, the higher variety of scenarios and concepts will be introduced.
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