Continuing Education Credit

Public Policy, Neurodiversity, and Compassionate Care

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is an effective treatment for autism and those with a diagnosis can receive this therapy through their insurance in the US. Abroad, it is a different story. In parts of Europe, propaganda strategies used by those opposed to ABA were successful in denying ABA as an effective treatment and resulted in public policy that recommends using other therapies and denies funding for ABA. The neurodiversity movement has been opposed to ABA treatment claiming it is harmful and traumatic. Given ABA’s history of using harsh punishers like electric shock, it is easy to see why people view ABA in such a negative light. However, more and more practitioners are voicing the need for compassionate care in the field, though not many ABA programs specifically teach compassionate care practices.  This is 1 Learning CEU.

What's included?

  • 50 minute virtual presentation 
  • Survey
  • Certificate
Meet the instructor

Monica Cubos
M.S., B.C.B.A.

Monica Cubos began working at CUSP as a behavior technician after graduating with her BA in Psychology in 2008. Throughout her time here at CUSP, she has worked as a senior technician and been a member of the Training Division. In 2019 she completed her MS in Applied Behavior Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.
Patrick Jones - Course author