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Registered Behavior Technician Package

Are you interested in becoming a Registered Behavior Technician? Then we recommend you start that journey here. This package will include enough course content to meet the 40 hour requirement. The courses included in this package will cover all of the areas outline in the competency assessment and more. Start your RBT Journey today!
$90 per user
10-50 Users

Interested in Group Rates?

$85 Per User
50-100 Users
$75 per user
100 Users

What's included?

  • 13 Modules
  • Self Paced Learning
  • Expert instructors
  • Study Materials
  • Session Video Examples
  • Practice Exam

Interactive Content

Discover a transformative learning experience where passive lectures are left behind. Our course embraces dynamic engagement and interactive content, ensuring that every moment spent with us is an opportunity for meaningful learning. Say goodbye to traditional classroom settings and embrace a journey of discovery where your active participation determines your learning journey. 

Tested Training

Our training is designed to provide the skills to pass the Registered Behavior Technician exam and apply that knowledge to help others. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

What comes next?

While completing this 40 hour package will prepare you to take the RBT exam, Behavioral CUSP Academy recommends the following:

40 Hours of Training

Take all of the courses to meet the 40 hour requirement

Get Studying

Use all of the study tools available to you.  The study materials included in this package will help you determine when you are ready to sit for the exam

Seek Out Field Training

We highly recommend you find opportunities to implement the strategies you learned in these modules.  Whether you observe a session or jump in to participate, it is extrememly benificial seeing these concepts in action

Take the Exam

We feel confident if you complete all of the recommended steps, you will pass the RBT exam!