RBT: A Fulfilling Applied Behavior Analysis Career

Work fulfillment is the combination of doing something that you enjoy and that makes a meaningful difference in the world. An RBT career in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis provides fulfillment that is both professionally and personally rewarding!

Every Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) at CUSP began their career as a Behavior Technician or a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).  We all fell in love with the field of ABA and felt compelled to continue our education.  As with any job, there are days of utter exhaustion and total inspiration by what you were able to accomplish.

As an RBT, there is magic in going to work every day and making a significant impact on the lives of our clients and their families.  Imagine the unbounded excitement when a client overcomes an obstacle or learns a new skill.  Joy when a child utters his or her first word ever.  Deep empathy for the experiences of our clients and their families. The feeling of teamwork as we work side by side with other RBTs in helping our clients achieve progress.  And there is true fulfillment when parents get teary and thank us from the bottom of their hearts for the difference we have made in their lives.

We asked a few Registered Behavior Technicians to share some of their most fulfilling moments in the field of ABA.  Their responses were overwhelming in the best of ways!

There are many beautiful and wonderful moments that RBTs get to experience with our clients and families. My most memorable moment was when my client finally attended school surrounded by his peers. This was a major accomplishment for both the client and the family. Before, this client would not leave home, nor wish to attend school. But, with the help and effort of every Registered Behavior Technician on the CUSP team, we were able to gradually and safely transition our client from home to school with little resistance.This accomplishment soon led to other destinations with the class and even with the family. Acknowledging this great achievement, thanks to the effects of ABA, was the pivotal moment that helped me realize my new passion in life and drove me to further my education in the field of ABA.” 
-William Barahona, RBT (future BCBA)

Having been a Registered Behavior Technician for seven years, I absolutely love what I do! The children I’ve been able to experience life with, and their families, have been great too! There are many aspects I love about working in this field; however, I would say that my favorite is when a client uses pro-learning behaviors to communicate his wants and needs.

For example, one of my kiddos used to engage in self-injurious behaviors & aggression towards others when denied access to an item or location. For a while, my team and I had been working on teaching him how to use sign language to communicate. One exciting moment was when he used language to communicate that he wanted more of a particular item. Typically, the child would tantrum but on this day, he used his pro-learning skills. The excitement on his mother’s face was priceless!!I can go on and on about the amazing experiences I’ve had over the years as a Registered Behavior Technician! Witnessing a child use the skills I’ve taught him or her is always so rewarding! Each child is unique, and with the right amount of patience and dedication, every child can and will flourish.” 

-Lauren Dixon, RBT 

“I had the honor of working with a client who was an amazing artist and badminton player. He had the greatest eye for the smallest details in nature. And that trick where you throw a snack in the air and catch it in your mouth…? He was a master! As his RBT, we worked on several different skill areas, greetings, eye contact, vocal verbal clarity, money identification, and making purchases. We even combined some of the programs to increase the complexity of the skills. There was always a victory to celebrate with my client; whether it was one additional correct response than the day before or one fewer problem behavior as he made progress! The day I got to see the many skills he worked so hard for all come together was sheer beauty!

I took a trip to a theme park with him and some of his family. This was a novel environment for him, along with new people to interact with and stimuli to manipulate. At lunchtime, we went into one of the restaurants and I kept my distance so that he could order. He not only responded to the cashier’s greeting with eye contact but responded with his order for fries when she asked for it, selected the correct bills for his purchase, took his receipt and change, then proceeded to stand in the area that other restaurant patrons were waiting for their order.

I made a few people jump with the volume of my social praise and excitement as I ran over to give him head squeezes. I was so elated and proud of him for all the hard work he had put it in leading up to that moment.” 

– Jennifer Gutierrez, RBT (future BCBA)
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NOTE: To qualify for this position, you must possess a bachelor’s degree from (or be enrolled in) an accredited college or university, as well as a reliable vehicle and proof of insurance.